My Hand Painted Flower Pot People

I've decided to keep my adorable hand painted flower pot people photos here.
This gives me a place to share the Flower Pots that I've done.

I hope you enjoy your visit.
I am always willing to create something if you are interested.
My price for this standard size flower pot person is $40.00
If shipping is required, an additional charge for shipping will be added.

Standard Flower Pot people have a 6" flower pots for their head and body.
This does not mean they will be 12" tall. (that measurement is across the pot, not the height)

These pots sit about 10.5" tall from base to top of head.

Pick your plants, and plant them some crazy hair.
I am SURE that You will love the outcome.

My very first Flower Pot Girl

Just for fun.
This one reminds me of an adorable outfit that my daughter used to wear.
I just love her to pieces.

Of course living in North Carolina, I had to make this little guy.
I posted him for sale, and he was sold immediately. =)

Where's Waldo?
Just for fun...
He is currently for sale.

My very first "Special Request"
I didn't think I'd like that much yellow, but wowee, She turned out beautiful.

A Special Request for this little guy.
I wish I had taken a photo of the side of his jersey.
Yep, I even painted the pattern of the UNC team jersey.

The same person who requested this one, also requested the next one.
NC State.

Is he adorable or what?

Another "Duke" guy... Ordered, but never picked up.
He is available for sale.

The three of them together. =)

A Special Request for this Breast Cancer Awareness Beauty.
She turned out sooo adorable.
Absolutely LOVE HER.

Just after I started this one, I had another person request one.
Here is the 2nd one... (Just a little bit different)

Here they are together, before being delivered to their new owners.

Just after these two dolls were finished,
I had 2 more special requests
both cancer awareness related.
So sad... I truly put my heart into each of these.

Blue for Colon Cancer

and Green for Liver Cancer

This one has a matching "Mini" sitting next to her.
The buyer, honoring her dad, fell in love with this duo. =)

Another order for this pair of College Basketball guys.

Another Special Request for a Breast Cancer Awareness girl.
So sweet, and Special.



More "DUKE" and "UNC" Pots... Pretty Popular here.

Isn't she a cutie?


BOTH of these girls are HUGE!!!
Special Request so they could be seen on her porch from the road.

Do I hear Wedding Bells???

A Special Order for a friend of mine.


These were for my Sister and her Husband.
Huge Harley Lovers
She will love them I'm sure.


Dallas Cowboys holding a "Football"
Okay, it's really a ceramic egg. LOL


Special Request... I have to say, I'm quite impressed with these two.
They turned out SUPER CUTE!!!


.....As I complete more, I will add them here....


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